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121 Dog Training Hong Kong offers training in the comfort of your own home.  Flexibility in scheduling an appointment, one to one attention and a personalised training programme to suit your needs, makes this option appealing to busy Hong Kong families.  Teach your dog the “8 Essential Commands” needed to become a well behaved member of your family, namely:

  1. Watch Me (Reflex to Name)
  2. Sit
  3. Down
  4. Stay
  5. Come
  6. Leave It
  7. Drop It
  8. Heel (Walking to Heel)

Or simply concentrate on a few specific training areas.

A home visit takes about 1.5 hours and the personalised training programme will be worked through together.  All sessions include detailed homework sheets so that the owner can carry on the training once the trainer has left.

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121 Dog Training – Hong Kong (no longer operational)
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