Dog and Puppy Training Tip: Persistent Barking

Owning a dog that barks all day long can test any owner’s patience. It’s important to remember that some breeds of dogs bark more than others and some environments encourage barking in dogs more than others. The main causes of barking are boredom, loneliness, excess energy, excitement and attention seeking behaviour. Therefore, it’s important to address the root cause of the barking rather than just treating the barking itself.

Making sure your dog is well exercised and has something to keep him/her busy when you leave home will help alleviate excessive barking.

You can also teach your dog a “quiet” command so that you can gain control of your dog’s barking when at home.

Barking is a natural behaviour in dogs – it’s the only way they communicate with us. It’s up to us as owners to make sure our dog’s needs are met so that they don’t need to bark all day.

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