Dog and Puppy Training Tip: Pulling on the Lead or Leash

Owning a dog that pulls on the lead can make your daily walk not as pleasurable as it can be! There’s nothing relaxing about being dragged down the road by an over excited dog.

Training your dog or puppy to walk nicely on the lead takes time and patience.

Walking to heel is usually one of the hardest things to train – while being one of the most frustrating behaviours an owner has to deal with. There are many techniques you can use to help train your dog or puppy to walk nicely on the lead.

One of them is using the correct equipment. A head halti or anti-pull harness, available at various pet shops in Hong Kong will help you gain control of your dog while teaching him/her to walk by your side.

Another technique used is stopping the walk the minute your dog pulls – this teaches your dog that if he/she pulls forward, you stop – thereby sending the message to your dog that you will not move forward if he/she is pulling on the lead.

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Happy Training!

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